Frequently-Asked Questions

Does TriadCity support blind players?


Blind players — as well as sighted players who simply want to — can access Midgaard via your favorite MUD client with screen-reader support. Many of our blind players connect to Midgaard with VipMud. But any standard MUD client should be fine. In addition to VipMud we test with TinTin++, Mudlet, and MUDRammer. Direct your secure client to: port 9095. Insecure connections are available on port 9094. We write the contents of popup windows such as City signage, museum displays, and so on, as well as standard alert messages, to the client.

Our Web site is fully ARIA-aware. We lack the resources to test with screen readers as thoroughly as we'd like, but, we do try, and we respond quickly when glitches are pointed out.

Some Zones are more friendly than others to visually-impaired players. The Blindfriendly command informs you whether the current neighborhood is potentially dangerous, and if so, why.

While these technical matters are under control, we could use help sorting out aspects of the game world which are inevitably biased toward sighted experience. None of our world authors is blind, and there are facets of game mechanics and the world itself which privilege sight as the primary sense. We're working to change that, but it's a huge job. You can contribute to the game world yourself through the Builder Role; or by partnering with Poobah and our other Builders while they work on new Zones; or by Bugging experiences you feel are inappropriate. We're grateful when you just hang out and talk with us about how we can improve your experience. Suggestions are taken seriously and new features are often designed collectively before being implemented. Thank you! We very much appreciate your participation!

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