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The TriadCity Players' Guide

Getting Started: the Noobatorium

For those impatient with exploration, or just eager for the hack-and-slash experience of traditional MUDs, TriadCity offers an alternate path for newbies which'll get you fighting at level four. Care must be taken because in TriadCity, death is permanent! If you follow these suggestions you'll probably be fine, and experience can be gained very quickly.

At Levels One — Three

We're assuming here you've read the Getting Started Guide. If you haven't, please do so now. You'll want to follow that path for your first three levels.

Why can't you jump into violence immediately? Because you'll get killed. A bee or a pigeon will kill you if you don't have the necessary Skills. You'll want to get to level 4 to accumulate the practices needed to Learn the Skills that'll give you a fighting chance.

At Level Four

Go to the Continuing Education Instructor upstairs in the White Plaza. Note that he's there only during daytime. Learn the Learn Skill to the maximum he'll teach you.

Then, go next door to the Self Defense Studio, and Learn from Elaine the Flee and Hit Skills to the maximum she'll teach you. Note that, like everyone else in White Plaza, Elaine is there only during daylight.

Now, go south from Sanctuary Island over the Gray Bridge into the Southern Third. Zig-zag east and north until you find the Noobatorium at the northeastern corner of the Park South. Inside there you'll find three Sagas balanced for newbies levels four – ten.

When you've found the entrance, go up, and spend your newbie 100 Dinars on a pair of leather bracers. Wearing these will raise your hitroll and damrolls just enough to be able to defeat the weakest of the monsters you'll find. In the Newbie Zone, kill the creepy-crawlers. In Hell, kill the Circle One Demons and Wield the pitchfork you take from the first of their corpses. In A Fistful of Newbies, kill the Drunken Cowpokes. At level four, stick to these opponents until you're able to level up.

From there on, carefully attack the next most difficult of the NPCs, on up to level 10. Use the Consider command first. After you level, keep your Skills maxed: learn them again for your new level.

If you do these things exactly as we suggest, you'll probably live — and you'll level-up pretty quickly. Do this wrong, you'll die. Welcome to violence! Be careful out there.

We're so privileged to have you with us. Meet you in The City!

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