Purpose: ignore communication from a specified character.
Synonyms: none

1. avoid 1. avoid
2. avoid <person> 2. avoid poobah
3. avoid <person> <channel> 3. avoid poobah tell


  1. Use form one to see a list of everyone you're currently avoiding.
  2. Use form two to ignore all communication from the specified person, on every channel.
  3. Use form three to ignore communication from the specified person on the specified channel only.

Avoid allows you to ignore communication from any person who is bothering you, or you're simply not interested in.

If you prefer, you can ignore a person on only certain communication channels. If for example someone's pestering you with frequent Tells that you don't want, you can "avoid blabbermouth tell". You'll still receive their Shouts, Chats, and so on.

Or you can ignore everything a person says on any channel. Simply "avoid blabbermouth".

We hope you'll never have to use this command. We'd prefer everyone to be polite, but, it's not always realistic to expect that to happen in every circumstance. Ordinarily you'd ask a Game Warden to intervene. Sometimes there's no Game Warden around. Use Avoid when you need to.

Note that your list of avoided players does not persist after you log out. You'll have to create a new list every time you play.

Note that some channels are aliases for one another. "Shout" and "Scream" are different commands, but they share the same channel.

You won't be allowed to Avoid messages from administrators, Game Wardens, or certain other mucky-mucks. Some people are just unavoidable.

To stop avoiding people, use the pithily named Unavoid command.

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