Purpose: enter an altered state of mental and physical existence.
Synonyms: med

1. meditate 1. meditate
2. med 2. med


  1. Use Meditate to attempt to achieve an altered state of being.
  2. Use form two to save typing.

Meditation is a condition of altered physical and mental being. It has the potential to alter your metabolism in a way which will cause you to regain energy and health more rapidly than any other alternative, including sleep. It's also likely to change your conscious perceptive apparatus in ways that may or may not be immediately apparent to you.

Like all changes in posture, meditation will very likely cause your attributes to vary, particularly including dexterity and armor.

Unlike Sleep or Rest, Meditate is not assured of automatic success. You must first master the Meditate Skill sufficiently for your character. And, it'll actually cost you energy to attempt to enter a meditative state. On the other hand, you may well receive experience points once meditation is successfully achieved.

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