Purpose: say something Out Of Character to all listening players.
Synonyms: none
NLP Enabled? n/a

1. ooc <message> 1. ooc bad 'net lag right now
2. ooc -h 2. ooc -h


  1. Use OOC to answer newbie questions, or say anything else you want to say, while making it clear it's not your character talking, but you.
  2. Use 'ooc -h' to replay the most recent 10 ooc channel messages.

Normally we want to encourage everybody to stay in character all the time. But, there are circumstances where that conflicts with other goals. A nice example is that of a crabby or obnoxious character, versus our general ethic of supporting new players. Should a mean-spirited character be helpful to newbies? Maybe not. But it would be good if the player owning the character would help. That's a great time to jump in with an OOC message.

Note that OOC crosses World boundaries. OOCs are received by everyone listening to the ooc channel, whether they're presently in TriadCity, Midgaard, Dungeon, or any future World within the SmartMonsters Universe.

Lastly, you can use 'ooc -h' to replay the most recent 10 ooc channel messages.

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