Purpose: ask a question of a character or thing.
Synonyms: none
NLP Enabled? n/a

1. ask <who> <what> 1. ask Poobah where are you?


  1. Use Ask when you want to send a question to a particular character.

Although use of the Ask command is identical to that of the Tell command, Ask is considered more polite when asking questions, because it allows players who don't want to be interrupted by questions to turn off their Ask Channel.

The Ask command is akin to telepathy. Ask is completely independent of the laws of RL physics: it doesn't matter where the character is you send your Ask to: if they're listening, they'll hear you anywhere. We're not sure we're going to leave it this way, so enjoy it for now!

Note that certain NPCs require the Ask command, if you wish to converse with them. Tiresias is one example.