Purpose: cleanse a room to prepare for ritual or magic.
Synonyms: ritualclean
NLP Enabled? no

1. rclean 1. rclean
2. ritualclean 2. ritualclean


  1. Use form one to prepare the current room for further magical or ritual actions.
  2. Use form two if you enjoy typing.

RClean is typically a necessary step enabling longer rituals, including magic. It cleanses a room of physical material and spiritual energy which might interfere.

Ritual cleanliness is very easily destroyed. Almost any movement or other action not directly associated with the ritual undoes a state of ritual cleanliness. This is one reason why many practitioners perform their rituals in private spaces.

There are many conditions which could prevent you from being able to ritually clean a room. You may be too tired, paralyzed, unable to see, etc. The Game channel will inform you of the outcome of your command.

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