Purpose: pick an item from a tree, bush, etc.
Synonyms: none
NLP Enabled? yes

1. pick <thing> <tree|bush|etc.> 1. pick apple tree
2. pick <thing> <n>.<tree|bush|etc.> 2. pick apple 2.tree


  1. Use form one when there's no ambiguity about what tree, bush or etc. you want to pick from.
  2. Use form three when there are multiple instances of a tree in the room, and you want to pick from one of them in particular.

Naturally, there has to be a tree, bush, etc. in the current room for the Pick command to be able to do anything. And, that tree etc. must currently have some item available to be Picked.

Because the command is enabled for "natural language" parsing, you can use all kinds of variations and still be understood. "Pick an apple from the second tree", "pick an apple from the 2nd tree", "pick apple second tree", "pick apple 2.tree", and many others will all do fine.

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