Purpose: run away in panic from a fight in progress.
Synonyms: none

1. flee 1. flee


  1. There's just one form of the Flee command: type "flee".

Typically you'll use Flee to escape from a fight you're losing. But not necessarily. You can use it for any reason, for instance, because you've damaged an opponent sufficiently for your purposes, and you don't want to cause death.

You have no control over the direction of flight. The game engine will pick one for you, largely at random. Be advised this could possibly get you into more trouble than you were before Fleeing. As always be mindful before getting yourself into violent situations.

You may not be able to Flee. Several circumstances could prevent it, including the relative levels of dexterity and strength between you and your opponent; the quality of your Flee Skill; and whether your opponent possesses certain advanced Warrior Skills which could prevent your escape. Repeat: be mindful before putting yourself into violent situations.

When an opponent flees from you, you may or may not be informed of the direction of their flight. Depends in large measure on the relative qualities of your respective Flee Skills.

Flee is one of the most important violence-related commands. It can save your butt. You should keep in mind that death in TriadCity is permanent. Learn that Flee Skill well before attacking anything.

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