Purpose: restore communication from a specified character.
Synonyms: none

2. unavoid <person> 2. unavoid poobah
3. unavoid <person> <channel> 3. unavoid poobah tell


  1. Use form one to receive all communication from the specified person, on every channel.
  2. Use form two to receive communication from the specified person on the specified channel only.

Avoid allows you to ignore communication from any person who is bothering you, or you're simply not interested in. Unavoid restores communication you previously turned off.

If you prefer, you can resume receiving communication from a person on only certain communication channels. If for example you want to recieve someone's OOC messages but not any others, you can "unavoid blabbermouth ooc". You'll still ignore their Shouts, Chats, and so on. This of course assumes that you've previously Avoided that person on those channels.

Note that some channels are aliases for one another. "Shout" and "Scream" are different commands, but they share the same channel.

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