Purpose: sell your Player House.
Synonyms: none

1. sellhouse 1. sellhouse
2. sellhouse <quantity> 2. sellhouse 78000


  1. Use form one if you're logged-in via the GUI. A window pops open to accept your input.
  2. Use form two if you're logged-in via a MUD client — or just prefer the shorthand of typing the value immediately.

To use the SellHouse command you must be in the Player House you wish to sell. There must be an appropriate CityNet terminal/computer in the Room with you, or Held in your hand. And — we know this is a radical concept — you must be the current owner of the house.

If the house is already listed for sale, you can use this same mechanism to change the sale price. If you want to withdraw an already listed house from the market, enter 0.

NOTE that nothing is done automatically with your access control list. If you don't clear it before the sale, the buyer inherits it. Is that what they want? Up to them to deal with it, or not.

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