Purpose: query the pool of spiffs available to you, or transfer a quantity of spiffed experience to yourself.
Synonyms: bspiff

1. builderspiff 1. builderspiff
2. builderspiff <quantity> 2. builderspiff 250
3. bspiff 3. bspiff
4. bspiff <quantity> 4. bspiff 250


  1. Use form one to find out whether there are spiffed experience points waiting for you to transfer to yourself.
  2. Use form two to transfer some quantity of available spiffed experience points to yourself.
  3. Use forms three or four to save typing.
  4. Use forms three or four to save typing.

To use BuilderSpiff there must be an Builder's CityNet terminal in the room.

You must have the Builder Role to use the command.

You can transfer all, some, or none of your spiffed experience as you prefer.