Purpose: bid on an item currently on the public auction block; or find out what the current bid is
Synonyms: none
NLP Enabled? n/a

1. bid 1. bid
2. bid <quantity> 2. bid 25


  1. Use form one when you want to know what the current bid is, or if any bids have in fact been placed.
  2. Use form two when you want to place a bid on the item currently being auctioned. You must have at least as much funds in your possession as the quantity of your bid, or it won't be allowed. "Possession" includes your bank account, you don't have to carry the cash.

Note that once you place a bid, you're committed. There's no undoing a bid, and the funds you've pledged are placed on hold until the auction ends or someone outbids you. Note also that you may or may not be allowed to bid on items you yourself place on auction. This decision is up to the individual Auctioneers, who determine their own policies.

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