Purpose: query your current Treasure Hunt, or ask for a new one.
Synonyms: none

1. treasurehunt 1. treasurehunt


  1. Simply type "treasurehunt".

The TreasureHunt command is unusual because it behaves differently in different contexts, without changing syntax.

To be assigned a treasurehunt, go to the foyer of SmartMonsters' modest offices off Silicon Alley in the Southern Third. When you find the Treasure Hunt Bot there, type "treasurehunt". The bot will assign you a new one.

If you've already been assigned a Treasure Hunt and you don't like it, do the same thing. Type "treasurehunt" in the room with the bot, and you'll be assigned a different one, assuming any exist which you haven't already completed.

To be reminded of your current Treasure Hunt, make sure you're not in the room with the bot, and type "treasurehunt". This detail is important! If you're with the bot, typing "treasurehunt" will result in a new one being assigned to you. If you're not in the room with the bot, you'll be shown the one you've already been assigned, if there is one.

What's a Treasure Hunt? It's a simple quest to find an Item. Find the Item the bot assigns you, and Give that Item to the bot. You'll be rewarded with experience and dinars.

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